The United States Staffing Association (U.S.S.A.) is a National Association that represents only Independent Staffing firms. Many owners of Independent Staffing firms have asked for their own association that will provide the latest information on metrics within the industry, opportunities for cost-effective, cutting-edge training, opportunities to partner to enhance capabilities and compete with national firms, discounted pricing on needed services, and a sounding board on issues affecting our industry.

The Staffing Industry continues to be vibrant and growing. When reviewing growth rates for the industry, Independents have tremendous opportunities to grow in almost every market within the United States. We have flexibility to make decisions and respond to our client base quickly, with innovative ideas to enhance our client’s bottom line. We can improve our employees’ standards of living by being their career agent and providing opportunities that provide them ongoing career growth. Our charge at U.S.S.A. is to provide you with the latest information, training, service offerings, and partnering opportunities. 

We invite you to signup for a free 90-day membership here.  There are no gimmicks, no contracts to sign, just a truly free test drive.


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